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Daytripper TPB

Daytripper TPB
Ürün Fiyatı: 69,85 TL
Havale İle:69,85 TL
Toplam Tutar:69,85 TL
Yazar: Fabio Moon, Gabriel Ba
Çizer: Fabio Moon, Gabriel Ba
Sayfa Sayısı: 256

  • "One of the most memorable things we've read in a long time." - io9
    "Beautifully written and utterly gorgeous, DAYTRIPPER completely blew me away." - Gerard Way (Umbrella Academy, My Chemical Romance)
    What are the most important days of your life? F
  • bio Moon and Gabriel B
  • answer that question in the critical and commercial hit series that took the industry by storm, winning praise from such comics veterans as Terry Moore, Craig Thompson and Jeff Smith. Follow aspiring writer Br
  • s de Oliva Domingos as each chapter of DAYTRIPPER peers in at a completely different moment in his life. Moon and B
  • tell a beautifully lyrical tale chronicling Domingos's entire existence - from his loves to his deaths and all the possibilities in between. Introduction by Craig Thompson (Blankets).

  • The acclaimed DAYTRIPPER follows Bras de Olivias Dominguez during different periods in his life, each with the same ending: his death.

    DAYTRIPPER follows the life of one man, Bras de Olivias Dominguez. Every chapter features an important period in Bras’ life in exotic Brazil, and each story ends the same way: with his death. And then, the following story starts up at a different point in his life, oblivious to his death in the previous issue – and then also ends with him dying again. In every chapter, Bras dies at different moments in his life, as the story follows him through his entire existence – one filled with possibilities of happiness and sorrow, good and bad, love and loneliness. Each issue rediscovers the many varieties of daily life, in a story about living life to its fullest – because any of us can die at any moment.

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